Elect Walker Stapleton Governor of Colorado

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There is a reason Colorado voters have already entrusted Walker with two four-year terms as State Treasurer: in a state increasingly driven by special interests and top-down government bloat, Walker has singularly focused on protecting the financial well-being of Colorado families and businesses.

Walker is a proven leader. Prior to entering public service, he worked in the startup tech world in California and as the CEO of successful public and private companies. His fiduciary responsibilities in private-sector leadership had a tremendous influence on his decision to pursue public service. He knew he could make a difference, and he has.

Walker has been through the battles to know what it takes to win. In 2010, he unseated an incumbent Democrat State Treasurer, and wasted no time in rolling up his sleeves to fight for Colorado taxpayers. His leadership in the effort to reform Colorado’s Public Employee’s Retirement Association has underscored Walker’s willingness to fight for fiscal sanity – for what is right – in the face of overwhelming odds and criticism from Democrats and Republicans alike.