Elect Nicki Mills Colorado District 26 Representative

I often get asked why I chose to run for State Representative for all of Routt and Eagle Counties.

MillsFirst, every day I fall more in love with Colorado and the people that live here. We are lucky to live in one of the most beautiful places in America. I want to be the eyes, ears and voice for everyone in Eagle and Routt counties.  

Second, my family has a lifelong tradition of community service. That tradition inspires me to serve my community.  My grandparents, parents and my “wasband's” family were public servants. Simply put, I want to give back to the people that are neighbors, friends and family.

Third, I am not a career politician but I know that we need people to raise their hand and run for office to serve others. See my issues pages to know about what I care about.

Elected leaders should have life experience and common sense.  We have unique challenges living in the mountains that I want to make better.  I will work for legislation if it improves this great state that we call home.