Elect Lane Iacovetto Routt County Treasurer

120222 F MY676 001I am blessed to live in this beautiful county and to be part of an amazing community.
I’ve spent my life here, I know how wonderful it is to grow up here, to live here, to raise kids here, and I’ve seen how amazing it is to retire here. The history of our family runs deep in Routt County and I want to respect the hard work and assets of people who laid the first stones.

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Lane helped build and structure a small ranching business into a dynamic, successful and complex multi entity business. Working in every aspect of the ranch, she has the exceptional customer service, critical thinking and management skills, she knows what it takes to run and grow a small business. She knows the importance of accuracy and diligently in everything from accounting to budgeting, employee management to customer service, investing and a securing a future for the next generation.

lane iacovetto routt county treasurer 2008 crop u9965Most of all she knows hard work and how to get things done.

"My focus in the Treasurer’s office will be to provide the best service possible with the greatest efficiency possible, to the citizens, to my employees and to the departments in the county."

Lane currently serves on the Routt County Fair Board, member of Citizens Supporting Property Rights, and has been involved and contributed to many local charities, committees and events. Lane is very excited at the opportunity to apply her skills, experience and strengths to a different set of challenges, in a new avenue of public service.